PLEASE CLICK ME Important Message For New Readers

Things you should know about the Categories:

Categories with “Universe” in their name are for one universe containing all of the characters from said universe.

For example: “Normal Universe” will contain posts from Byung-Ho, Sora, Shaun, Dustin, and so on, while “Fantasy Universe” will contain posts from Erhu, Elias, Mikeli, Benjamin, and so on.

I have designed it this way so that if you want to browse posts from more than one character within a universe, you may just visit the said universe category. If you want to browse posts from only a specific character, however, you may simply find their name in the categories section as usual. (For example, you would click the “Byung-Ho” category if you only want to read posts from Byung-Ho.)

ALSO: Most of my posts are rough drafts in every form of the phrase, as I do not have an editor or a real adviser at all… hmm… maybe I should work on that…

But anyways, have mercy on me, I’m just a kid who wants to post some rough drafts and silly passages.

Thank you